Liberty V12 Engine

1917 – 1923,  USA This engine was installed in a RAAF deHavilland DH9A A1-20. It was  recovered from the rubbish tip at old Wave Hill Station. The aircraft was flown to Wave Hill Station by Sgt [...]

Pratt & Whitney 1340 Wasp Engine

USA, 1927/28 This 600 HP  9 cylinder radial WASP engine used originally in a Lockheed Vega & Express of 1928. It was also used in WW2 training aircraft. This engine was installed in a [...]

Allison V-1710 Engine

USA, 1941 1710 cubic inch (26 litres) V12 supercharged engine, 1200 HP used in Kittyhawks (P-40s) and  Lightnings  (P-38s).    This  engine  came from Lt Walker’s P-40 Kittyhawk of the 33rd [...]

Continental O-200 Engine

CONTINENTAL USA,  1940/60 Small aircraft engine as  used in Piper Cubs The Piper Cub was first used as a spotter aircraft during WW11 in the USAAC. Approximately 100 HP (75KW). For more technical [...]

Allison Jet Type J33

USA, Type J33, 1944 (Licence built Rolls Royce Tay) Based on the Whittle design of centifugal jet engine, built in the early 1940s and fitted to jet aircraft at the end of WWII. It has a thrust [...]

Bristol Centaurus Engine

Great Britain,  1943 An 18 cylinder sleeve valve 4 stroke radial engine. Classed as  one of the best radial engines every designed. It was quiet, smooth running and low profile. This engine is [...]

De Havilland Gipsy Major Series 2 Engine

Great Britain, 1932 This is the  famous Tiger Moth  engine – 4 cylinder air cooled inverted engine, and 130 HP. Originally installed in a De Havilland Hornet  Moth VH-UYY  operated by Darwin [...]

Rolls-Royce Merlin XXIII Engine

Great Britain, 1938 This engine is in running order and is fired up  on  special occasions at  the Centre. A V12 engine with a capacity of 27 litres,single overhead camshaft, 4 valves per [...]

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