Rare Footage of Bombing

Footage exists of the only known colour film of the Bombing of Darwin on the morning of 19 February 1942 and can only be seen at the museum. The [...]

B-52 G

STRATOFORTRESS 92596 “DARWIN’S PRIDE” This aircraft was manufactured at the Boeing Airplane Co at Wichita Kansas, and entered USAF inventory in [...]


The first U.S. Army helicopter designed to perform attack missions initially flew in 1965. This 1967-built “G” model was modified, then restored [...]

CAC Avon Sabre

Avron Sabre has pride of placeThis aircraft A94 -914 is a composite aircraft, the forward fuselage is A94 -914 and the rear A94 -921 and the [...]

De Havilland Dove CR-TAG

A passenger aircraft of the 1950s used on commuter services. This Dove CR-TAG called “Manatuto” after a town on the north coast of East Timor was [...]

Mirage 111O A3-36

Mirage 111O A3-36 was delivered to the RAAF on 3 May 1966, which is a special tribute as the Darwin Museum now. On 27 May 1985 the aircraft, [...]

Rutan Long EZ

This aircraft was built in Darwin by Ron and Annabelle Lawford. Construction commenced in late 1983 and the aircraft’s first flight was 29th [...]

Liberty V12 Engine

1917 – 1923,  USA This engine was installed in a RAAF deHavilland DH9A A1-20. It was  recovered from the rubbish tip at old Wave Hill Station. [...]

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