Allison V-1710 Engine

Allison V-1710

USA, 1941

1710 cubic inch (26 litres) V12 supercharged engine, 1200 HP used in Kittyhawks (P-40s) and  Lightnings  (P-38s).    This  engine  came from Lt Walker’s P-40 Kittyhawk of the 33rd Pursuit  Sqdn.  destroyed  on  the  19  February 1942  during  the  first  raids  on  Darwin. This Squadron  was  virtually  wiped  out  in  that attack, losing four pilots killed, including the squadron CO Major Floyd Pell.

The engine was buried in a bomb crater and unearthed in 1955 when the Darwin runway was upgraded to its present standard.

More technical information about the Allison V-1710 Engine can be found on Wikipedia.

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