Aviation in the Top End of Australia

On 10 December 1919, a Vickers Vimy, G-EAOU, flown by Captain Ross Smith and his crew during the aviation landed at Fannie Bay on Darwin’s outskirts, winning the £10 000 prize from the Australian [...]

Rare Footage of Bombing

Footage exists of the only known colour film of the Bombing of Darwin on the morning of 19 February 1942 and can only be seen at the museum. The camera man was an amateur named Monty Tuckerman. [...]

B-52 G

STRATOFORTRESS 92596 “DARWIN’S PRIDE” This aircraft was manufactured at the Boeing Airplane Co at Wichita Kansas, and entered USAF inventory in December 1960.The aircraft began its preparation [...]


The first U.S. Army helicopter designed to perform attack missions initially flew in 1965. This 1967-built “G” model was modified, then restored to “G” model armament configuration for display. [...]

Spitfire Mk VIII (Replica)

Great Britain 1944 This replica was constructed in Queensland and flown to Darwin in a RAAF Hercules in October 1991. Mk Vc Spitfires of No 1 Fighter Wing took over the defence of Darwin from the [...]

CAC Avon Sabre

Avron Sabre has pride of placeThis aircraft A94 -914 is a composite aircraft, the forward fuselage is A94 -914 and the rear A94 -921 and the wings are those of a Mk 32 series. Made under licence [...]

F-111C A8 113 – General Dynamics

F-111C replaced the fleet of Canberra Bombers In 1963 the Australian ordered 24 F111C from General Dynamics to replace the fleet of Canberra Bombers. The F111 is an all weather strike [...]

De Havilland Dove CR-TAG

A passenger aircraft of the 1950s used on commuter services. This Dove CR-TAG called “Manatuto” after a town on the north coast of East Timor was an East Timor Airlines (Transportes Aereos de [...]


This aircraft is painted to represent one of the Austers flown by the late Brigadier Vic Pedersen who founded the famous Salvation Army Flying Padre Service in 1945 and until 1972 he flew [...]

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